more than just a candle holder

callan does not like his hands to be dirty or wet.

then he met hanna, she showed him the wheel and lured in him.  i think it was the mystery of the lump of clay turning into a cup right before his eyes.  he mashed and squished, made the wheel go fast and slow, he was in charge, this was his creation…all his.   the rhythm of the wheel helped to take away the fixation of the wet clay on his hands.  on the way home he referred to himself as an artist.





 thank you, hanna.

friends and fondue

it’s spring break,  a time to collect myself, clean the house and have friends for dinner.

jenna wanted a “fun” dinner, according to her fondue nicely fits that category.

the homemade french bread turned out yummy, i’ll follow the recipe for the cheese fondue more closely next time, bananas+chocolate fondue+sprinkles=yummy dessert.

after dinner there was a rousing game of jr. monopoly, followed by a bedtime story of Homer and the donut machine.

time well spent that doesn’t happen nearly often enough. something to work on.



to build a swing

by Hafiz

the second stanza

You have all the genius

To build a swing in your backyard

For God

two minutes to far

back in january, on a whim we stopped to look at a house in the country.   a wrap around porch, a walk out basement on some acres close to a black-top road and this sunset. 

turns out it’s two minutes to far from town.

strikes, spares and airplanes

jenna and grandma qualified for the Zone in the family two-some tournament.



then off to stearman field for dinner and airplanes.

time well spent.