Monthly Archives: June, 2009

tastes like summer

this was the first “real” tomato out of our garden last week. we spent weeks waiting and watching for it to ripen. clark really wanted me to photograph it, so here it is.



40 years

today we headed with grandma and papa on a road trip to a retirement reception in honor of this man.


my great uncle Lew has worked as a physician in the same town at the same clinic for 40 years. today his family and community came together to honor his lifetime career.  the lobby to his clinic was full of people old and young. at times the line was out the door waiting in line to get a chance to say good-bye. congratulations uncle Lew. may your retirement be as fulfilling as the last 40 years.


yay for me


i made yogurt. it was very easy. becky convinced me to give it a try. thanks becky.

summer evening


tonight the air has cooled and i hear the cicadas singing over the breeze blowing through the trees, a true summer evening in kansas.

amber waves of grain



thank you Kansas wheat farmers.