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this is one of our favorite places to visit.  we are wildcat fans, we bleed purple.

jenna participated in the state 4h horticulture judging contest, so we all went and made a day of it.


  the intermediate team, strategizing a plan of attack.


 must have worked, here they are with their coach, scott, and their 3rd place certificates. congratulations, jenna, we are proud of you!


 while jenna was judging, cal and i headed to the practice field to watch the ksu band.  it was hot, they were working hard. fun to hear the wabash and the fight song.


 lunch at our favorite spot, hibachi hut, where we ordered belly bomb’s and gauchos. the owner spotted cal’s collection of hot wheels on the table, he told him all about his collection in his basement he saved from his own boys.


 clark got a tip from the proud dad of a wildcat football player that we could enjoy fan appreciation if we hung around.  we watched the last hour of practice, heard from the coaching staff and team captains and then got the chance to go onto the field for autographs.




this is jordyn, he was a newton railer. fun to meet a local kid and wish him luck for the season.


the crowd on the field wasn’t exactly callan’s speed, so he and i grabbed a snack from the car and found a shady place outside the stadium to wait for clark and jenna. he was bummed that the line for willie the wildcat’s autograph was loooong.  good things come to those who wait. guess who came running out of the stadium and we snagged him for a pic.




  we happened upon this in aggieville.


 we were several rows back in the crowd and couldn’t really see, so jenna elbowed, politely made her way to the front so she could get this shot.


 a fun day. found this on the way to the car. if the shop hadn’t been closed it would have been mine.


1000 miles later

27 ish hours and 1000 miles later…

we stopped in virginia, mn to pick up a rental car for my parents. yes, the sign is made from hardware store sticky letters and black duct tape.  fitting since the rental place is in the back half of a home center.


 the kids within 30 seconds of arrival at lakeside.


next the kids and I hauled  all of our stuff to the top of the hill to the yurt. after spending two weeks over the summer living in the yurt i still do not have any pictures of it. go see the pics of the yurt here, scroll down toward the bottom and see the pics and description, you won’t be sorry, it is beautiful. kansas definately needs a yurt.

found floating on the water.


 she paddled and paddled and paddled,  she came in just before  sunset.



 a first kayak paddle, i think his days of riding with his parents in the canoe are over.


not bad for the first evening… sunset by the lake, perfection. we love that place.


if you haven’t read jenna and callan’s top 10 reasons wilderness wind is better than disneyland, go read it here.


the grove

on our first morning of this year’s family vacation to minnesota, i used my 21st century technology to find this gem on main street in ames, iowa. this cafe has not changed much since it opened in the 1960’s. the new owner chooses to keep things simple.



the place has maybe 6 booths, one table and stools at the counter.


 think i may paint this saying in my classroom.


they are known for their HUGE orange pancakes. notice the “eggo” type syrup container. when your pancake is delivered the owner/cook demonstrates how to squirt the syrup so you don’t squirt your neighbor.


 i found this newspaper article, hanging outside the bathroom….after i negociated a rickety, narrow staircase to the basement…yes, the only bathroom is in the basement.


the eggs were real. the potatoes were real…i saw the cook peeling them. the toast had real butter. the pancake syrup was sugary. the mugs did not match. the people were friendly. the service was great. we’ll be going back.

God’s fingerprints

this pretty much speaks for itself.


this was the scene a few weeks ago.

a suitcase full of clothes from camp that mom forgot about.

every single clothing item covered in sand.

hysterical laughter while shaking out all the clothes in the suitcase, some not even his.




 her clothes never came home like that, must be a boy thing.

though i do find scary things in the bottom of her backpack from time to time.