Monthly Archives: March, 2012

friends and fondue

it’s spring break,  a time to collect myself, clean the house and have friends for dinner.

jenna wanted a “fun” dinner, according to her fondue nicely fits that category.

the homemade french bread turned out yummy, i’ll follow the recipe for the cheese fondue more closely next time, bananas+chocolate fondue+sprinkles=yummy dessert.

after dinner there was a rousing game of jr. monopoly, followed by a bedtime story of Homer and the donut machine.

time well spent that doesn’t happen nearly often enough. something to work on.




to build a swing

by Hafiz

the second stanza

You have all the genius

To build a swing in your backyard

For God

two minutes to far

back in january, on a whim we stopped to look at a house in the country.   a wrap around porch, a walk out basement on some acres close to a black-top road and this sunset. 

turns out it’s two minutes to far from town.

strikes, spares and airplanes

jenna and grandma qualified for the Zone in the family two-some tournament.



then off to stearman field for dinner and airplanes.

time well spent.

for me


from my son……perfect.