Monthly Archives: April, 2011

day on the farm

both of my kids went to visit the farm today and i got to go along. the event is held at a local family farm, the stations are planned and executed by local ffa students. the money for the buses and lunch comes from a list of local businesses that pick up the tab. yes, we live in an area that is proud of the farm families that live and farm in our community.

a recycling game and discussion from our water conservation office.

all of the ffa students knew exactly what they were talking abouts…experts…

this young man lives and breathes cattle, he knows his stuff.

simulating pollution in our creek, callan got to be tulsa.

lunch in the shop sitting on benches made from boards and straw bales.

a day on the farm would not be complete without a hay rack ride around the section.

p.s. my next post will be #20o, hope something good and big happens soon!


resurrection and elephants

on Easter sunday i was challenged to engage the children of our church in the mystery of the resurrection of Christ. hmmm…the largest mystery known to Christians in 5 year old terms in 5 minutes or less, yep I can do that.

i remembered this book on our shelf

this is the story of two elephant cousins, elmer and wilbur. the story goes that wilbur is coming to visit elmer, when he gets there elmer and his jungle animal friends can hear wilbur’s voice but can’t see him anywhere.  elmer and the animals are ready to give up looking for wilbur when he informs them that he is stuck up a tree. yes, an elephant stuck up a tree. the story ends with elmer and his friends helping wilbur down from the tree, but the author never tells us how wilbur got stuck in the tree…….the mystery. 

for me, the metaphor is still evolving…the diciples searching for Jesus, the relief of finding him and the mystery of how he was resurrected from the dead still unsolved. i will never be able to think about the resurrection of Christ , without thinking of  a black and white checked elephant stuck up a tree.

earth day

we had several ideas floating around on how to celebrate earth day. this year it worked out so that we were all home for at least part of the day. the kids and i began the celebration by delivering whole wheat maple sticky buns to clark at work for his birthday. after lunch, we tossed around the idea of heading to the creek banks for trash pick up, but the clouds had rolled in and it was chilly.

on a whim, we called our local bike repair guy to see if he was around, we had two adult bikes we bought several years ago that needed repair, and jenna’s little pink schwinn was way too small, so we loaded up all three and went to see john and came home with this, a good solid bike that has been carefully reworked by john and comes with an open invitation to stop by the shop anytime for tweaks or questions.

the guys headed to buy some plants and jenna and i headed to kathy’s to sort these guys from their winter home.  jenna appreciates worms and compost, she gets it.

jenna also enjoys photography and got this shot of beautiful red tulips.

as we were wrapping up our earth day afternoon, we walked over to the lilac bush to see if we could find a bunch or two that were still in bloom, and jenna noticed this guy “hanging out”…ha..ha. yes, it’s a bat.

time well spent, celebrating an earth we too often take for granted.

tip toes

there’s a song that we sing during worship that has a line in it that goes something like this:

” all creation’s straining on tip toe just to see the children of God come into their own.”

standing on tip toes can be taxing on the body, the muscles work hard and easily become fatigued and start to burn asking for rest.  i’m working on this and feel like i have created space inside myself to begin to “come into my own.” there is a bit of pressure knowing that all creation is watching me, from their tip toes.