Monthly Archives: May, 2011

dear callan,

eat cupcakes on your birthday, often

show patience

follow these rules

happy 8th birthday, sweet boy.

we love you.


empty boats

this week i got the chance to partner again with the ARC to take 45 5th graders kayaking on the little ark river. i don’t have many pics because my camera was tucked safely away in the dry bag during the paddle and i was occupied helping to load and unload boats. i found it interesting that all the photos i have are of empty boats.

 next week, i will spend my last two days at this school that i have so enjoyed for the past 3 years.  these boats may be empty here, but i will remember all the laughs, smiles and the “hey, i’m good at this” that i heard that day and the previous 186 school days.

as i send them on to middle school and move on myself to a new building, this image of all these brightly colored, empty boats will hang with me.

big 200

well, this is post 200, i was waiting for something “big and good” to post about, instead i got big, unexpected and unwanted. i found out this week that due to budget cuts i will be moving to another building for next school year. my school is a small, inner city gem that i am not excited about leaving. i don’t know yet what my assignment will be for next year, so in the mean time i’m trying to have faith and to not be afraid.

here are some “big” pics from clark’s trip to yosemite last fall that i never got around to posting.