Monthly Archives: July, 2011

one more sunset

one more sunset, until she’s here.

we met in the 4th grade, 1984.

27 years ago.

we’ve seen each other 4 times since she moved away the summer after 8th grade, the last was 12 years ago.

she was in my wedding.

she’s never met my kids.

we reconnected on facebook of all places.

and only one more sunset til she’s here.



as i was blog reading this morning i thought to myself

 “i’ve got nothing…no pics…nothing to share”

then i remembered this photo from my camera

definitely something.

head and feet

i’ve been working on keeping my head where my feet are.

being mindful.

living in the moment.

two places i’ve been successful….the hiking trail and behind the camera.


i have a friend who found mindfulness while pruning grapes….must have worked.


thinking about this

from here


i say this every year. i did not grow up setting things on fire on the fourth of july. we went to the city display. i had my first experience with punks, firecrackers, fountains and things with names like “king cobra”  when i married into this family 16 years ago.  over the years this activity has grown on me…..a little. well, now it’s tradition….hotdogs, potato salad, cherry pie, heat, bug spray, cousins and fireworks with names like “king cobra.”


 cal’s favorite fireworks, lightening bugs