Monthly Archives: June, 2011

cool thoughts

it’s hot here….really, really 107 degrees hot.  hopefully these pics from the cool, rainy week in northern, MN will help me to think cool thoughts.

paddling out of the dead river into burntside lake.

 strategizing a 320 rod portage.

rain soaked, ely


time well spent

a few days after returning from our trip to california, a friend and i loaded up on snacks and pointed our fully loaded car north. we traveled almost 1000 miles in two days to check in on another dear friend. it was a true gift to share her time and space, and to get to know how her days and nights flow.

we spent the week addressing hundreds of envelopes, sorting years of photos, listening to conversations about trail food, permits and packs. we also got the priviledge to work and share meals with a delightful group of 20 somethings that have boundless energy and creative spirits.

we lived in a yurt with a beautiful view.

beauty on a hike at pine ridge

the map wall that i studied from time to time throughout the week. dreaming of a canoe trip in my mind.

we were lucky enough to get two evenings without rain, the first was spent hanging out around the campfire lots of laughter and catching up.

a solo kayak early on a cool morning. i was joined by a group of loons and managed to scare two bald eagles out of some tall trees on the shoreline.


a hike to a waterfall in the cool midst of late afternoon.

the sun returned for our last day, and we were treated to a beautiful paddle on burntside lake. the sun was shining and the water was clear. great company and lunch on a rock.


 our last evening was spent with drinks and dessert in a quaint lodge watching the sunset. i don’t have any photos, i was too busy savoring the moments and hoping time would slow down for just a bit. ever so grateful for love, friendship, rain, sunsets and canoes.

quick stop

just stopping at home for a day or two before i’m off on the next adventure. here’s a few pics of our trip to california for those that are waiting, more to come in a week or so.

from the plane.

the classic disneyland photo in front of sleeping beauty’s castle.

next to the last day at the birch aquarium at SCRIPPS, here i learned that my 8 year old is mesmerized by jelly fish.

thousands of meals

grandpa B. invited us to spend a few hours packaging meals for numana, an organization that provides meals to hungry people. grandpa and his committee worked several months to raise money and recruit volunteers. the two hour shift included lots of jazzy music, cheering and a gong that rang for every 5,000 meals packed. there was lots and lots of energy.

by the time we left at 1pm, the crews has packed 100,000 meals, only 160,000 left to go to fill a shipping container. we had a great time, thanks for inviting us.