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girl talk

i’m not sure any mom is ready to have “the talk” with her daughter.  jenna and i were lucky enough to share that experience with other moms and daughters from our church family. we had a wonderful, brilliant woman come to talk to us. we talked. laughed and shared all about boys…in our church sanctuary. i thought it might be a bit weird, but it was not weird, it was safe and comfortable. we shared our beliefs and values of love and relationships.  having this conversation with our white prayer candles and cross in the background,  just seemed right.

dancing to a girl power song



back to school, hence the lack of posts over the last week.  just a few highlights.

2 purples, 1 blue

a $5 ferris while ride

teacher training at the water center, they do cool stuff there.

and i worked on this.

the county fair

images from last year’s county fair. this year’s fun starts tonight.  break out the recipe books, make a quick trip to the store, spend some time with those kiddos and bake something yummy. then bring it to me tonight or tomorrow morning at the fair grounds. i promise you’ll love the shiny ribbon.

PS the taco truck is there, i saw it last night.


a cake decorated with farm animals


a gallon jar of kansas wheat


a petunia in a jelly jar


egg rolls and funnel cakes on the same menu


kids living by this pledge


a grand champion nativity set


the donation jar sitting on the open counter


the old, orange taco truck with a line a block long


burgers from families that are “just in the next barn over” and pie made by the lady in the apron


pretty pink

i found this yesterday at the thrift shop and am dreaming

 about baking this cake to put inside.


this place was fun. it’s an original stop on route 66 that has been renovated. it has a diner on one side and a convenience store on the other. the food is yummy, but the best part is that they carry over 500 varieties of bottled soda pop. one whole wall is a giant cooler with row after row of all kinds of soda pop. you get one of their rainbow 6 pack boxes and fill it up. the bottles on the glass shelves are stuck on with silicone, if they weren’t i’m sure we would have heard numerous bottles crashing to the floor during our stay. clark, jenna and i each picked out two bottles to bring home. cal wasn’t interested in soda pop, he thinks it’s yucky.