Monthly Archives: July, 2009


is the color of the ribbon you get at the county fair when you do a great job on something.  jenna sewed an apron that was judged earlier in the month and this is the ribbon she earned. she is very proud of it.  if you’ve never been to the fair come out and see what it is all about. what you can do to support the 4H kids….buy dinner at the food stand….bid at the foods silent auction saturday afternoon…buy from the bake sale saturday night…tell all your friends to do the same. all the money goes to the county 4H budget for supplies, premiums and awards. let fair weekend begin.


amazing grace

today as we walked downtown, we heard the church bells ringing. as we got closer, jenna recognized that the bells were playing amazing grace, i’m glad she knows that.


day old store

i had not been in this store in many years. my grandmother used to take me with her when she went to buy twinkies and ding dongs. i remember her always having a box on hand. today, as we walked home from the park, i knew i had to take my kiddos in to see if it was still the same. the minute i opened the door  i recognized the sweet smell of the shop. the shelves were arranged differently, but the smell was still the same. we picked out some snacks and headed home.











some day i hope to have the wisdom that 80 years of living, 45 years of preaching and 55 years of marriage brings to life’s journey. blessings to you, bill, and thank you for sunday’s message.