Monthly Archives: May, 2009

Summer’s Here

jennalettuce This is the latest lettuce and radish harvest. This is what we kept, Jenna and Clark are out “making friends” with our neighbors with sacks of fresh lettuce and radishes. There’s nothing like being wet from the sprinkler, working in the garden and bringing in a harvest.


Callan and this little guy, Rylan, have become outdoor buddies. Rylan comes over on the weekends when he comes to visit his dad. It is nice for Callan to have someone to play with. Today was a day of playing in the sprinkler and showing some summer skin.


The Birthday Boy


Even with a fever of 103 we still had to eat the ice cream cake and open presents. The ibuprofen is working well in this picture. I can’t believe he’s 6! It seems like just yesterday we were driving back and forth to St. Joseph waiting for the day to bring him home! We love you!


He had outgrown the little bike that Jenna used so this is what he got for his birthday. He calls it his “trick bike.” First he has to learn how to pedal!

Summer’s Just Beginning

Ok, now summer is just beginning and I have a new computer from work that makes it easy to access my pictures so maybe this summer will be the time to get this blog up and going.  Here’s the first the picture of a good looking group of girls from the Meet the Beatles Concert last night.

Jenna and her friends in their "Here comes the Sun" costumes.

Jenna and her friends in their "Here comes the Sun" costumes.