Monthly Archives: March, 2011


this week i became aware that i am a personality type 6 according to the enneagram

The Loyalist.

i have much exploration ahead of me but, this week i’m getting to know my sixness and am choosing to focus on the positive traits of a 6. 

perserverance…faithfulness…honesty…hard work…commitment. 



this year the weather has been a treat for the first half of our spring break. on monday, we picked up cousin phil, who is here visiting from portland, and headed to cross timbers for a day of hiking and  a picnic lunch. we found the trails to still be covered with brown, crunchy oak leaves with little peeks of green showing through.  the sunshine felt good and warmed us enough the kids took off their shoes and put then feet in the clear little stream that crossed our path.  it was good to connect with phil again, i just hope it isn’t 10 years before our next visit.

weekend away

 two wonderful friends agreed to  share some birthday fun with me.  a weekend away…no computer…no tv…no kids…just us, a minivan, a canoe, good food, wine, a quaint cabin, late night campfire, deep and not-so-deep conversation and birthday cake.  perfection.


from the deck of our cabin on a crisp, clear sunday morning with a cup of coffee and good company. thankful.