water therapy


water therapy-the way mother nature uses water to renew the spirit.

we’ve been trying to get to a kcka rendevous for about a year. we had good intentions but it just never panned out. after attending our first this weekend, we may never miss again.

team work to set up clark’s 2.50 thrift store find in the crazy wind.


 yes, we did have to help him down when he got stuck, way up high. 


 renovated pop-up, family wagon loaded with the “mini-van” of canoes and a kayak because jenna’s too old to ride with her parents. she also got the chance to try out a “big girl” boat, (thanks, Zoe) she’d like one for her birthday, please.


 the sunday morning float crew, notice jenna is already in her boat and heading out, we were way too slow.


 this was a beautiful float.


yes, someone else in KS does own a wenonah.


  time well spent.

doing our best to put this initiative into action.


3 responses

  1. Joyce and I enjoyed meeting you and your family. Two good days to travel the river and creek. Hope to see you at another outing with the KCKA. Lww

  2. Nice photos. Super happy to meet your family. What great fun we had. TJH

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