the grove

on our first morning of this year’s family vacation to minnesota, i used my 21st century technology to find this gem on main street in ames, iowa. this cafe has not changed much since it opened in the 1960’s. the new owner chooses to keep things simple.



the place has maybe 6 booths, one table and stools at the counter.


 think i may paint this saying in my classroom.


they are known for their HUGE orange pancakes. notice the “eggo” type syrup container. when your pancake is delivered the owner/cook demonstrates how to squirt the syrup so you don’t squirt your neighbor.


 i found this newspaper article, hanging outside the bathroom….after i negociated a rickety, narrow staircase to the basement…yes, the only bathroom is in the basement.


the eggs were real. the potatoes were real…i saw the cook peeling them. the toast had real butter. the pancake syrup was sugary. the mugs did not match. the people were friendly. the service was great. we’ll be going back.


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