resurrection and elephants

on Easter sunday i was challenged to engage the children of our church in the mystery of the resurrection of Christ. hmmm…the largest mystery known to Christians in 5 year old terms in 5 minutes or less, yep I can do that.

i remembered this book on our shelf

this is the story of two elephant cousins, elmer and wilbur. the story goes that wilbur is coming to visit elmer, when he gets there elmer and his jungle animal friends can hear wilbur’s voice but can’t see him anywhere.  elmer and the animals are ready to give up looking for wilbur when he informs them that he is stuck up a tree. yes, an elephant stuck up a tree. the story ends with elmer and his friends helping wilbur down from the tree, but the author never tells us how wilbur got stuck in the tree…….the mystery. 

for me, the metaphor is still evolving…the diciples searching for Jesus, the relief of finding him and the mystery of how he was resurrected from the dead still unsolved. i will never be able to think about the resurrection of Christ , without thinking of  a black and white checked elephant stuck up a tree.


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  1. same here! i thought it was a wonderful connection.

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