earth day

we had several ideas floating around on how to celebrate earth day. this year it worked out so that we were all home for at least part of the day. the kids and i began the celebration by delivering whole wheat maple sticky buns to clark at work for his birthday. after lunch, we tossed around the idea of heading to the creek banks for trash pick up, but the clouds had rolled in and it was chilly.

on a whim, we called our local bike repair guy to see if he was around, we had two adult bikes we bought several years ago that needed repair, and jenna’s little pink schwinn was way too small, so we loaded up all three and went to see john and came home with this, a good solid bike that has been carefully reworked by john and comes with an open invitation to stop by the shop anytime for tweaks or questions.

the guys headed to buy some plants and jenna and i headed to kathy’s to sort these guys from their winter home.  jenna appreciates worms and compost, she gets it.

jenna also enjoys photography and got this shot of beautiful red tulips.

as we were wrapping up our earth day afternoon, we walked over to the lilac bush to see if we could find a bunch or two that were still in bloom, and jenna noticed this guy “hanging out”…ha..ha. yes, it’s a bat.

time well spent, celebrating an earth we too often take for granted.


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  1. That bat is so neat!

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