the county fair

images from last year’s county fair. this year’s fun starts tonight.  break out the recipe books, make a quick trip to the store, spend some time with those kiddos and bake something yummy. then bring it to me tonight or tomorrow morning at the fair grounds. i promise you’ll love the shiny ribbon.

PS the taco truck is there, i saw it last night.


a cake decorated with farm animals


a gallon jar of kansas wheat


a petunia in a jelly jar


egg rolls and funnel cakes on the same menu


kids living by this pledge


a grand champion nativity set


the donation jar sitting on the open counter


the old, orange taco truck with a line a block long


burgers from families that are “just in the next barn over” and pie made by the lady in the apron



4 responses

  1. this is such a fun way to the fair! our demo derby is actually in hillsboro…so i missed the people in the bucket! bummer.
    love 4H.
    i used to be in that when i was really young.
    i think i took a cooking class.
    did you get a funnel cake?!

  2. i love your photos from last year….i’m looking forward to our Fair too! (I think it begins at the end of the month.) I can never resist the corn dogs & funnel cakes.:)
    great post!

  3. I LOVE the farm animal cake!! So cute!

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