take me out to the ball game

buy me some hot dogs and cracker jacks….


ok, so that’s not exactly how it goes. this weekend we headed to oklahoma city for a short get away before our summer is over and we have to head back to school.  we braved the incredible heat to watch the okc redhawks play the iowa cubs. this is not major league baseball, but the next step up for these players is the texas rangers.

about an hour before the game we decided to find our seats, get comfy and then get some dinner. we had just bought general admission seats which were way out behind left field, but they were in the shade so we were happy. as we were sitting there drinking lots of cold water and pondering our dinner choices, a young woman wearing “official” redhawks wear came up to us and asked if we’d like to be a part of a wendy’s promotion. clark and i look suspiciously at each other as she explained what we would have to do. we need to put on these silly, red shirts with salad on the front, then stand and wave to the camera when, darrin, the stadium-fun announcer guy came over halfway through the first inning. then we would be taken to some better seats.  by the way darrin has a cool english accent. below is the view from our general admission seats.

we stood and we waved, then followed laci and darrin, through the very crowded concourse to seats with this view.

yes, that is home plate and yes, our seats were on the second row. the three seats in front of us were occupied by the coach’s kid, his friend and the red hawks photographers. i felt like we all should be wearing  batting helmets. we wore the silly salad shirts until the end of the second inning and then stashed them in our  backpack. that’s the notebook with the batting order  sitting on the table under the batting helmet.

cal’s favorite part was the appearance of the san diego chicken. apparently, he’s a really big deal. he was signing autographs after the game, the line was at least a two hour wait.

here’s our other favorite part.  by the end of the night jenna and cal had both been tossed an offical baseball used in the game, one tossed by a manager and the other by a player. then number 13 hit a ball into the outfield and the crowd went wild. a bit later we heard a tap, tap at our feet and he gave his broken bat to cal.

we stayed for the whole game. it was 10:30, both kids slept all the way back to the hotel.


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  1. wait meg…did i see one link for you that showed a blogger blog? are switching over? i added you to my reader but for some reason it’s not updating when you add new posts. 😦

    1. I have not idea what’s going on. I can’t post comments on blogger sites with my wordpress id. I have to log into my google account. It was working before and now I’m not sure what’s up or how to fix it. Maybe I need to delete my settings and start over. ugh.

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