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we all had to take that class in middle school. you, know the one where you had to cook and sew. i have vivid memories of my teacher, ms. jones, standing over me with the ripper in hand informing me that my seams were not straight on my caterpillar and i would HAVE to rip it out and start over. that was 20+ years ago, i still have not recovered, but today i took one step towards owning my fear of sewing. i asked to borrow this.

from my mom, the queen of sewing. she has sewn just about everything from lunch bags to dance costumes. this is one of four that live at her house. she has taught my daughter to sew, a gift that i can never repay. now, it’s my turn to learn from both of them. we made a stop at the thrift shop today for some fabric and came away with some vintage prints, some beautiful needlework that i hope i can reclaim and turn into something new, and a few vintage table cloths.

i sewed one seam tonight. it wasn’t straight but jenna cheered me on and told me i did a good job. she’s heard that somewhere before. thanks, mom, you’ve taught her well.


3 responses

  1. I bet Jenna is a fantastic teacher; patient and encouraging.

  2. We will never forget MS. JONES!

  3. whoa…ms jones scared the crap outta me…
    i learned to sew when i was really little and because i was so short i stood at the table and sewed.
    when i had her class she would hold me down by my shoulders to make me sit at the machine.
    if i stood back up, she would come back and do it again…
    that woman should have never been a teacher!
    i think most newton kids would agree! 🙂

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