i had promised clark that if he helped me with the jam and jelly fest yesterday that he could work outside in the garden today. as this morning brought a cooler day than we’ve had in weeks, he decided that he would rather us do something as a family.

we decided that taking the canoe for a spin sounded like fun, we have already paddled our local creek and were ready for more of an adventure. we headed to an army corps of engineers lake about an hour and a half away. we didn’t leave here until about 11 am and were in the water scaring off wildlife by 1pm.

you have to realize that this kind of trip takes me WAY out of my comfort zone. i am a planner.  normally, we would have left the driveway by 8am, packed a well calculated-doesn’t need to be refridgerated-healthy-protein packed- paddling lunch. instead, i threw what i could find into a dry sack , filled a jug with water, grabbed our water bottles and we were off.

 you also have to realize that i.don’ i didn’t grow up going to the lake, i can’t see the bottom and critters live in them. needless to say, the ideas of hanging out at the lake with my family and my boat is starting to grow on me. we’ll definitely be going back with the camper, for the weekend.


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  1. What fun…we love to wake up and decide to go to the lake…you can’t think about what is in the lake!

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