hot rocks

sort of. i was going to try for mom of the year today, ok maybe mom of the moment? i found this idea for hot rocks on a crafting website a few days ago. take note of how pretty they are.

first, you get your 10 year old to spend a half hour taking the paper off of old crayons and sorting them by color into an egg carton.

then, you put on some clothes and walk in the rain to the creek, two blocks down to collect some rocks.

when you get to the creek, you find it full and overflowing from the 4 inches of rain in the past two days. then you have a slight panic attack remembering the girl in bridge to terebithia who drowns in the creek by her house, and you decide that now, realizing that this is what a flood warning looks like. yes, this is the water that has been all over the news.

so being the good mom that you are you take the purple plastic bucket down the bank and collect the only rocks that aren’t under water. you make your kids stand on the bank because safe.

you take your rocks home, wash them and bake them for 15 minutes until your kitchen smells like creek water. then you carefully give each child a rock, reminding then that is it hot and not to touch it. a reminder is required every 10 seconds. finally, the 10 year old tredges forward “painting” on the rocks with the crayons, the 7 year old does one and is done. the rocks are too flat and bumpy, they are not pretty. lesson learned.

we need to get some pretty, round, smooth rocks…at the craft store.


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