spring fundraiser

and it’s not cookie dough and frozen pizza or wrapping paper..take a look at the note from Jenna and Callan below.

We hope this note finds everyone seeing glimpses of spring. It’s time for the Walton Rural Life Center Spring fundraiser. We are used to cookie dough and “stuff” but this a lot better. We are selling 4.5 inch geraniums, flowering hanging baskets and various sizes of trash bags. The PTO will use the money to support things like field trips that have been cut due to budge constraints. The delivery date to the school will be May 6th. We will pick up the orders and distribute as soon as possible. Let us know if you would like to support our school-Callan and Jenna (with help from Mom)

If you live far away mom says you can send the money via Paypal and she’ll write a check. If you send a check it can be made to Walton PTO

Orders are prepaid and need to be to us by March 22nd.

4.5 inch geraniums $4.50 each- bright red, white, salmon, hot coral, violet
12 inch hanging baskets (assorted flowers) $25.00

Trash bags-$10.00/roll
15 gal kitchen bags, 65/roll
39 gal bags 25/roll
55 gal bags 16/roll


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  1. Hi jenna, this is actually lydia. I wanted to ask you some questions, Do you like school? Are you still doing dance or are you busy with other things? Are there springy things around? I miss you.


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