our road

last saturday i had the opportunity to help facilitate workshop on children with mental illness and how this topic relates to church. i got to share our journey of walking with callan and his daily struggles with adhd. during the culminating activity the facilitator kept mentioning grief.  i thought grief is something you feel only when someone dies. that’s when my a-ha moment came. grief is the feeling that comes with the loss of something. i feel grief everyday for the things adhd has taken from our family. now i have claim it and give it a name. i came away from the workshop with a feeling of hope.

however, adhd has given us gifts and blessings, these are the things i need to focus on. here are some ways he blesses our family and those who choose to take the time to get to know him.   he can….put a smile on your face when he walks into the room, play quietly and intently with small objects for long periods of time, run fast,  play in a park all day long,  hike for miles with never a complaint, describe many, many trains and cars in detail, retell lots of books with wonderful expression, ask questions that make you think..sometimes a reference book is required to give him an answer, wake early with a smile on his face, look at books for hours on end in a quiet place, show love and affection..these are just some of the blessings that he brings to our family everyday.

I pray that others in church, school and the community can learn to know and appreciate him as we do.  we will walk this road with him, it is sometimes tiring, lonely and isolating. we invite others to walk this road with us. he is ours and we love him.



4 responses

  1. I love this…what a wonderful way to look at it. He is an awesome kid, I hope he is blessed with teachers like you in his educational career. You are an awesome mom….keep it up!

  2. you and clark are inspiring.

    he is absolutely lovable.

  3. Nice. Callan is so obviously a sweet, loving and lovable child. Parenting itself has its times of being tiring, lonely and isolating – anyone who says otherwise is either not into the job or in serious denial. With kids like Callan, fortunately the rewards are so great. You don’t know, like Kristin said, how impressive you are. Enjoy the rewards.

  4. So glad I get to walk a little with you. He is a sweet little guy! Such a little blessing.

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