day old store

i had not been in this store in many years. my grandmother used to take me with her when she went to buy twinkies and ding dongs. i remember her always having a box on hand. today, as we walked home from the park, i knew i had to take my kiddos in to see if it was still the same. the minute i opened the door  i recognized the sweet smell of the shop. the shelves were arranged differently, but the smell was still the same. we picked out some snacks and headed home.






3 responses

  1. wait, YOU bought your kids twinkies and ding dongs?

    : )

    1. ummm yes, callan ate 1 donut and declared it yucky, Jenna ate about 1 1/2 ho’ho’s and decided chocolate cake was better and i ate one twinkie just for old time’s sake.

  2. Okay, wow, I didn’t know they made ones with strawberry! Maybe if I walked all the way to our outlet store I could “afford” to eat one. 🙂

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