today we spent some time taking advantage of the beautiful day at the park.  the kiddos were lucky enough to meet some friends from church. they played and played while i watched people come and go.  as i was watching the kids a single, young woman arrived carrying a grocery sack and a diaper bag.  she took a seat in the shade at a picnic table, she was obviously waiting on someone.  a minivan pulled up with an older woman and two very small girls, dressed in matching outfits. the mom took her girls to sit in the shade while the woman sat at a picnic table observing closely and taking notes in a spiral notebook. this family was taking part in their weekly supervised visit. my heart began to ache for the mom, she had packed bubbles, blocks and snacks for the little ones.  she was doing all the “right mommy” things. the nana arrived on a bike with an older sibling.  she too did all “right nana things.” at the top of the hour the woman at the table called them over, and they tearfully handed over the two little ones. the minivan pulled away. i expected them to leave quickly and quietly relishing the time they just spent with their precious little ones and anticipate next week’s visit. instead the cigarettes came out, the profanity began to fly and a yelling argument followed. i began to count my blessings and thank God that he is helping me parent my children.  it isn’t easy. i don’t know the family, but i know there are too many more like them that need help, support and prayer. i am going light a candle for them at church this week. i took this photo just as they disappeared around the corner. i wanted to remember them.

around the corner

ironically….i was also handed this by an old gentleman making his way through the park.



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