from the bench

needless to say we were a bit hard pressed to find something constructive to do today. it rained this morning so at 2 o’clock this afternoon we found ourselves still in our pj’s with some serious cabin fever. so, most of us got dressed and we headed to happy hour at sonic and then to the park. we were the only one’s there so this is the game they played.  the object of the game is to take your sibling’s shoe off and then run around screaming with her chasing you and throw the shoe down the slide, then switch places and repeat over and over and over until you are hot and sweaty, your slushie is gone and it starts to rain. i took these pictures from the bench while sipping a diet cherry limeade.  i was not supermom today, i’ll leave that for tomorrow.




One response

  1. Hmm…such a lovely game. The kind that makes the parent find the FARTHEST bench from the playground. Of course, I spent the day driving through the rain to Carthage MO (and back) picking up the boys from Grandma and Grandpa. Think I would prefer the park!

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