a week ago on our way home we stopped to stretch our legs at cabelas and bought this from the bargain cave. it was a return so i asked the clerk if it had any damage and he said he didn’t know but could find out.  he proceeded to set the tent up in the entry area. needless to say all the pieces were there and the price was right.


we had promised all week  that we could set up the tent and go “camping”, so we made hobo dinners and started a campfire.



a good game of catch


and “digging for gold”


this “cherry” tablecloth belonged to my grandmother and i can remember her packing it into the old layton camper. it was nice to use it tonight.


you can’t have a campfire without  s’mores


we’ll see if anyone actually sleeps out there tonight…


good times.


3 responses

  1. mmmmmmmm. wonderful. i wish we would do this. from start to finish.

  2. How fun! Glad the heat wave broke so you could do this. We have been wanting to as well, but by the time the boys get home it will probably be hot again.

    Funny we stopped at Cabela’s on the way home too! It’s a great place to finish the license plate game–I think we saw at least 7 states in the parking lot!

  3. Great family memories. I think C looks like his dad…and J like her mother. Yeah, where does the time go? They grow up fast!

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