Back to School with Laptop Lunches

As many of you know I ventured into Laptop Lunches last spring after deciding that I needed an easier way to pack school lunches for myself and the kids. I will be placing an order towards the end of the week, if anyone is interested please call or email me. They have several new products including a new deeper Bento Box 2.0 that accomodates the new Bento Buddies, an extra set of lidded containers that can be arranged in different configurations in the box.  They also have some new color combinations in the original bento box.  The links should take you directly to the products. Contact me for pricing, my retail is a bit less than the price listed on the website. If you have used this system and have comments please post them to share with others. If you are just dropping by and would like to contact me by email please leave your email address in a comment and I will contact you ASAP. Please feel free to pass along this link to anyone you think might be interested. Also feel free to add a link on your blog to mine.  Any new customers would be greatly appreciated.



2 responses

  1. oh, i am sold. i wish i would have taken care of each combination we’ve come up with. naomi is planning to take hers to middle school…we’ll see how that turns out!

    thanks for being my store, meg!

  2. Hey, these are very cool! I emailed my order, hope I’m not too late!

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