not my kid

yet another conversation that other parents have with their kids.

yesterday, from the back seat of the car.

jenna “is it still in there?”

callan “yes, i’m trying to get it out”

mommy “what’s in there?”

jenna “a rock”

mommy “where’s the rock”

jenna “in callan’s nose”

mommy turns the car around to come home. we got the rock out without a visit to the emergency room.


3 responses

  1. Isn’t parenting exciting? Funny how we used to be proud about being the best at something in school or work but now it’s things like extracting foreign objects from body cavities! Oh well, I wouldn’t trade it.

  2. Nicolle Buhler | Reply

    Jordyn and I both absolutely loved this. Jordyn’s question was “do you think it really was in his nose?” I assured her – yes.

    1. oh yes, Jordyn, it WAS in his nose!

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