savoring the roundness of this summer Sunday morning. a rhubarb muffin and a second cup of coffee. siblings finding the roundness of their relationship with kind words and actions. anticipating the roundness of the communion cups waiting to be filled.


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  1. Megan, I have enjoyed all the pictures and your messages. The pictures of the eggs are so beautiful and well as the pictures of the children and all the rest. I had meant to come to the Farmer’s market on Saturday morning, but my memory is short these daya dna I forgot.!!!
    This morning as I was preparing my oatmeal, I was thinking of a friend from Chicago coming on the June 23rd. I know that I want a loaf of your bread while she is here so I will myself a note to be sure and get to market on the 20th.
    Bless you.

    Ann Showalter

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