first saturday

Today was the first day of Harvey County Farmer’s Market. Jenna and I spent yesterday baking and ended up with 18 loaves of whole wheat bread, 2 loaves of chocolate chip banana bread, 4 loaves of peanut butter banan bread, 3 plates of apple-date bars and 5 pans of pecan sticky buns.  This is our 3rd summer and the first time she has really helped and stuck with me all afternoon.


Friends from church gathered  to shop for snacks.


Other Farmer’s market vendors, all committed to providing high quality local foods.  Yes, we did buy a few rutabagas, now I just need to figure out what to do with them.



2 responses

  1. Looks mighty yummy!

  2. Ok…so when…and where is this? Your sticky buns look fabulous. I miss that yummy bread!!!!!!!!!! I need a Meagan fix….I sent you an email as well about meeting with Neva and Brandi.

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